As a visual learner, an artist, and a teacher, I know that children need art, that authentic art instruction is a vital component of a well-rounded curriculum, and that some children will have their greatest successes in art activities. You don't have to be an artist or a trained art teacher to teach and make art with kids. Try some of these resources:

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A narrative journal about my experience
teaching art to elementary students ~ how I teach the lessons, how kids create, what to look out for, and more. Photos of student art work show just how creative kids can be! Take a look and get inspired!

Creating Art With Kids lessons are designed to be open-ended enough to foster student creativity and specific enough to be teacher-friendly. These comprehensive lessons teach about art as well as art-making techniques.

This collection of open-ended art ideas for elementary classrooms is arranged by and based on the elements of design. It is a self-published book available only through the author - me!

Download this free resource: ideas and suggestions for creating an art-friendly classroom.


Comprehensive Art Lessons

Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store for inexpensive, teacher-friendly, classroom-tested art lessons (and a few free resources, too!)


See what students can create!
Some sample photos of my students' art work:

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3rd, 4th, & 5th GradesArt Linked With Math

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