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  Geometric and Organic Figures

These are companion pieces done in two different sessions, after a discussion between the difference between geometric (mathematical) and organic (natural) shapes. The geometric figures are created completely with geometric shapes, while the organic figures are created with torn paper non-geometric shapes.




'All About Me' Collages

The base collage is created from magazine pictures glued onto a sheet of 12x18 construction paper to cover the whole area.

A stylized human figure is drawn on white construction paper, cut out, mounted on another color, and cut again to create a border.

Statements, phrases, or words about themselves are written by students in the figure.



Combining Line and Shape



Still Life Contour Drawings

Still life arrangements are first created by students from an assortment of general household objects. They use fine-tipped markers for the drawing -- no pencils allowed!

While drawing, students need to pay close attention to the directions of lines and edges and the size and space relationship between objects.

Drawings need to go "off the page" in at least two places. Students do two or three drawings, and are invited to move around to different tables in order to draw a variety of collections.



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