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Texture and Pattern


Textured Squares

Students create a solid shape design on a 3-inch square that fills most of the space and which goes 'off' the paper on two edges. They then replicate it on sixteen more 3-inch squares. Then, they fill the shapes completely with different visual textures and/or patterns, maintaining 'continuity' throughout all the shapes, either with color or pattern. They then arrange and glue them on a 12"x12" base, rotating the squares in any direction they like to create interest.
















Positive/Negative Design

This is a really simple and quick activity that is always successful. Students cut a design or shape from one color and glue both the 'background' and the shape (or shapes) onto a contrasting color. The directions are to try to create a mirror image, which is tricky for some. Black and white work best, but any complimentary colors will work, as long as you have a dark and light, or a bright and muted color.






















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